Ocean Feels is the beach sea washed tones of artist Ben Mackay (that's me).

Birthed from Sydney, Australia, you can see by most of my images, I love the ocean and I love the morning light.

My eldest daughter Chanel (also a keen young photographer and videographer!)

I am almost always with a camera in hand. Along with my wife, we have 3 amazing daughters and we all love to explore and travel.

The whole fam. On one of our adventures

I guess I am a specialist in Aerial photography, as most of my work is done in the sky. I am also supported by PolarPro, as part of their ambassador team. As of 2019, I choose to use DJI for aerial imagery and Sony Alpha systems for all others.

Most of my work sits on Instagram or printed on walls all around the world. But I also do a handful of work for clients. If you want to chat, feel free to reach out to me. I love creating, so maybe I can do that for you also.

I am available for:

↠ Brand & Marketing work

↠ Travel and Tourism Content Creation

↠ Image and video creative

You can reach me via Instagram or via my contact page


... & others

Be sure to check back with Ocean Feels as we do have plans to grow and introduce a number of products.