Hazelwood Beach House

WHERE: Located in Jervis Bay of NSW South Coast, Australia. This award winning home in Callala was a pleasure to stay and film.

THEME: I decided to use Krystal as my main subject to interact with the home and surrroundings. I mean she's beautiful and perfect for it so why not? It was just the two of us and I sat behind the lens naturally. The story follows Krystal as she explores the amazing location and relaxes in the home.

NOTES: I wanted to show off the features that the house is known for, without going too room heavy or have any strong real estate vibes. I wanted to feature the design around the beautiful tree and the amazing relaxed beach setting as well as having a subject (Krystal) to guide through the images. The goal was to capture it in a way that people may see themselves relaxing and enjoying the high quality features of staying there.