WHERE: The incredible stretch of coast know as the White Sands Coast in Jervis Bay, Shoalhaven in New South Wales, Australia.

THEME: Create a family adventure show casing the areas versatility with a variety of demographics. The wildlife, the landscapes, the coast, in particular the white sands beaches in this area are often unknown apart from a famous beach, Hyams Beach. The idea was to create understanding of the great region as it has so much more to offer than just one beach for Shoalhaven Tourism.

NOTES: The film was given a 5 day window to produce, however it rained for the entire full 5 days. There's a few scenes which can gave a lighter break in the rain (but still raining), which you can still see it was raining but we made it work. We decided to return for a single day, in which we filmed about 80% of the films shots in. We really love this type of film making and are excited to produce more these types of films in the future.